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If you were found guilty of a crime, or plead to a charge and successfully completed your sentence, then you may be entitled to a Sealment of your records.  Typically, a Sealment will only be granted if the Court previously withheld adjudication.  If granted, a Sealment will seal your criminal history from view in the public record.  

To obtain a Sealment, your attorney will need to coordinate with the State Attorney's Office, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and obtain the Trial Court's approval.  The process is quite lengthy and involved, usually taking about six (6) months to complete.  To obtain a Sealment, your attorney should have extensive knowledge and experience of the justice system.

Some crimes cannot be sealed.  Further, certain institutions will able to view a sealed entry such as military agencies, educational institutions, and law enforcement.  Yet for many people, a Sealment provides them the chance to finally put a mistake in their past behind them.  If you want to know if you qualify for an Sealment, please contact Attorney Marc Consalo for a consultation.

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