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Paternity Actions

If a child is born out of wedlock, the biological Father has no legal rights to the child even if his name is on the birth certificate. To establish the legal right to be a parent, to have contact in the child's life, or even to know the child's whereabouts, a Father must file a Paternity Action.  This lawsuit will enable the Father to have the Court declare him the legal parent granting him rights to his offspring.  Further, a Paternity Action gives the Court the ability to reconsider child support even if a decision regarding the payment amount had previously been made without the Father's proper input.

For Mothers, a Paternity Action serves as a method to obtain child support from the Biological Father.  This lawsuit enables the Court to require a Father to submit to DNA testing so as to put any doubt regarding parentage to rest.

If you are a Father trying to establish your rights to your child or a Mother attempting to deal with a deadbeat dad, contact Attorney Marc Consalo for a consultation to learn how he can assist you.


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