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A Modification is a type of lawsuit filed by a party to change something which occurred in a previous legal proceeding, such as a divorce, paternity, or child support action.  A Modification order requires a special finding by the court that there has been an unforeseeable and substantial change in circumstances which justify the Modification. This challenge to demonstrate such an unforeseeable and substantial change falls on the party seeking the Modification.  

Often, Modifications involve child support and child care determinations.  Whether it be a need to change the amount of child support, to alter a parent/child contact schedule, or to permit the relocation of a child, a Modification proceeding is the proper method to make the change.  

If you would like a judge to change a previous judgment, or object to the Modification of a previous judgment, please contact Attorney Marc Consalo today for a consultation to learn how he can assist you.


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