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Attorney Karen Consalo

When facing a government dispute, such as a complex property or development matter, you need an attorney experienced in navigating the government approval process and preparing legal documents to protect your rights.  Attorney Karen Consalo has the experience and knowledge needed to effectuate your goals.

Attorney Consalo, has practiced land use law in Central Florida for over 15 years.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rollins College in 1997 and With Honors from the University of Florida College of Law in 2000.  Due to her specialized course of study, the UF College of Law also awarded Mrs. Consalo a Certificate in Land Use and Environmental Law.  In 2010, the Florida Bar further recognized Mrs. Consalo's knowledge and expertise in government legal matters and certified her as an expert in City, County & Local Government law.  In recent years, both Rollins College and Barry University College of Law have invited Mrs. Consalo to teach land use, environmental, and constitutional law courses to their respective planning and law students.  Attorney Consalo also serves as faculty in the Legal Studies Department at UCF.

Please call Mrs. Consalo today for a complimentary consultation to determine how she may apply her experience and expertise to achieve your government, land development, or environmental goals.

Areas of her practice include:

1.       Land Sales and Acquisition,

2.      Comprehensive Planning and Zoning,

3.      Variances, Conditional Uses, and Special Exceptions,

4.      Construction and Permitting,

5.      Conservation, Water Needs, and Environmental Remediation,

6.      Historic Preservation,

7.      Homeowners and Condominium Associations, and

8.   Code Enforcement.

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