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Juvenile Crimes

Understanding the difference between adult court and juvenile court is vital to  ensuring your child's rights are protected if he or she is accused of a crime.  For example, many people do not realize that in a juvenile case, guilt or innocence is determined by a judge not a jury.  Further, juveniles are not allowed bonds while their cases are pending.  Rather, the accused child is "graded" as to their level dangerousness by the Department of Juvenile Justice and such grade determines their pre-trial holding status. 

While serving as an attorney in the State Attorney's Office, Firm attorney Marc Consalo worked as a prosecutor in the juvenile division.  From that experience, and subsequent years of defending juveniles accused of crimes, Mr. Consalo has extensive experience working in the juvenile system.  If your child is accused of a crime, please contact Mr. Consalo today for a consultation to learn how he can protect their rights.

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