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Historic Preservation

Owning property in a historic district can be a great privilege.  After all, how many people live in traditional neighborhoods surrounded by homes of architectural beauty and cultural significance?  However, the privilege can occasionally come with great cost and headaches when historic preservation regulations become unduly expensive or overreaching.

Attorney Karen Consalo has years of experience working with historic regulations.  She currently represents clients in negotiating property alterations and improvements in a of variety historic districts.  She has also served as the in-house government council to several historic preservation districts in ensuring that the preservation regulations are followed and that property owners who make historic improvements are financially rewarded.  Mrs. Consalo even lives in one of Orlando's historic districts.

If you are contemplating a property alteration within a historic district, please contact Karen Consalo today and learn how she may assist you in navigating the system toward a successful and financially feasible result.

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