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Grandparent or Other Relative Custody

Under certain circumstances, it becomes necessary for the well-being of a child for their Grandparent or other relative to step in and temporarily assume the role of a parent, until the Mother or Father are able to reassert their role in the child's life. When a Grandparent or other relative assumes custody, legal problems may arise, such school enrollment or medical authorization issues.  Fortunately, the judicial system has established a method to place legal custody and custodial authority over a child temporarily with a Grandparent or other relative.  The relative may can ask a judge to place the child in their custody and grant them all  necessary legal authority to insure the child's best interests are protected.  

If you find yourself in a situation where you may need to serve as a child's custodian, please contact Attorney Marc Consalo for a consultation to learn how he can help you obtain the legal authority to best protect the child you love.

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