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Government Matters

There was a time when governments were small and their role in the day to day life of their citizens quite limited. That time has long passed. Today, the influence of government touches its citizens everyday--from the roads we drive upon, to the libraries we use, to the taxes we pay. At times, we are even subject to government penalties through the Code Enforcement process. Government law involves countless aspects of government functioning. The most common areas which require legal assistance are:

  • Code Enforcement Matters
  • Zoning and Permitting Concerns
  • Environmental Issues
  • Eminent Domain or "Takings"
  • Airport and Aviation Management
  • Bid Disputes
  • First Amendment Matters

An effective government advocate will have a deep understanding of the powers and needs of government, the laws which govern governments, and how local governments function in the real world. Particularly at the local level, no two governments face exactly the same issues or use exactly the same methods. An effective advocate will understand the unique issues and methods of each jurisdiction and work within that framework to obtain a beneficial result for all parties.

Karen Consalo has dedicated her practice over the last decade to government legal matters, both as a staff attorney for Seminole County and then for the City of Orlando and more recently as a private attorney representing both local governments and private individuals.

Based upon her extensive experience in government practice, peer review, and a rigorous exam process, Karen has been certified by the Florida Bar as an expert in City, County and Local Government Law.


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