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A Felony is a serious crime in which the accused person faces possible prison time. These are the most serious types of allegations and can be broken into five main categories:

The most serious felonies are known as "life felonies" because a judge must sentence an individual to life in prison if they are convicted.  

The next type of felony is a "possibility of life felony," also known as a PBL.  For a conviction on a PBL felony, the judge may, but does not have to, sentence an individual to life in prison.  

The third type of felony is called a "first degree felony."  Conviction for these types of crimes carry a maximum sentence of thirty (30) years in prison.  

The least serious types of felonies are "second degree" and "third degree" felonies, which carry a maximum penalty of fifteen (15) years and five (5) years, respectively.

Felonies encompass a wide range of charges, including violent crimes, drug related charges, even drunk driving.  Firm attorney, Marc Consalo, has successfully handled a wide variety of felony crimes.  Regardless of the alleged crime, Mr. Consalo always fights hard to protect his clients.  If you or a loved one have been charged with a felony, contact Marc Consalo for a consultation to learn how he can assist you.


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