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Environmental Issues

Few people intend to run afoul of State or federal environmental regulations.  An accident which causes environmental contamination can result in immense fines and even criminal sanctions.  However, if an accident does happen, you must immediately notify appropriate authorities.  The failure to do so will often increase legal penalties.

You also need immediate legal representation in dealing with the multitude of regulatory agencies and laws governing clean up activities.  Successful negotiations can speed remediation and reopening of your operations, reduce potential fees, and avoid criminal sanctions.

Attorney Karen Consalo has ample experience in environmental legal matters.  She is certified by the University of Florida College of Law in Land Use and Environmental Law.  She has also taught courses in Environmental Law at Rollins College, as well as Florida Administrative Law and Environmental Regulation and Water Pollution Law at Barry University School of Law. 

If you have an environmental problem, please contact Karen Consalo today to see how she may assist you in resolving the matter with minimum time and expense.

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