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Code Enforcement

If you have been cited for an alleged City or County Code violation, you need to act immediately to protect your rights.  Government code enforcement boards have broad authority to impose fines against your property and to turn those fines into liens running against your property.  It is not uncommon to see Code Enforcement Boards assess a fine of $250 per day that a violation continues-and to see such daily fines add up to thousands of dollars.

The Code Enforcement process is governed by chapter 162, Florida Statutes.  This chapter of Florida law establishes the fines and liens which may be imposed by local governments against code violators.  However, chapter 162 also creates protections on the rights of Florida citizens.  It imposes strict procedural requirements on government staff in seeking code enforcement penalties.  These statutory requirements may be grounds for overturning fines and liens.  However, challenges to Code Enforcement Board orders are time sensitive.  Most orders must be appealed within thirty (30) days or the right to appeal is lost.  If you have had a fine or lien imposed on your property, there is great urgency to retain legal counsel to represent you.  Delay may forfeit your rights.

However, the best option when facing an alleged Code violation is to retain legal counsel to represent you during the Code Enforcement Board hearings.  Experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel may be able to prevent the imposition of a lien or fine in the first place. 

Attorney Karen Consalo is an expert in government matters.  She is certified by the Florida Bar as a specialist in City, County & Local Government law and teaches Florida Constitutional Law at Barry University College of Law.  She has worked extensively in the field of Code Enforcement both as in-house legal counsel for Seminole County and the City of Orlando, respectively, and now as private defense counsel. 

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