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Bid Disputes

Winning a government bid is a lucrative and hard fought victory.  Unfortunately, the best bidder does not always win in bid competitions.  Despite enactment of State and local laws to prevent unfair bid decisions, bias, favoritism, and flat out errors by government purchasing divisions are not uncommon.  Such mistakes may result in an unfair bid award.

If your company has lost a bid award which should have been won, you need prompt legal representation to challenge the government's award process.  Bid award challenges are usually time sensitive.  Delay of just a few days may cost you the right to appeal.   Now is the time to  bring an attorney experienced in government purchasing matters to fight for fair treatment and consideration of your company.

Attorney Karen Consalo is an expert in government matters.  She is certified by the Florida Bar as a specialist in City, County & Local Government law.  She has personally worked on bid determinations while in-house legal counsel for several local governments and teaches administrative law, the field of law which involves bid disputes, at Barry University School of Law.

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